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January 10, 2013 / viewsfromasmallisland

A cold, misty day

Train on a misty morning 10.1.13


This is a local train passing through the village station on a cold, misty morning. A very routine scene but that’s the idea behind this blog. It’s a daily record of the routine stuff and if something exciting turns up it’s a bonus. A metaphor for life in general I guess. I find what other people consider routine from other places around the world to be fascinating to my British eyes and so I am hoping that others from afar will find the everyday in the UK of interest too. One lesson I have learnt from experience is that the mundane and routine is only really appreciated when it is suddenly taken away. I love to find the extraordinary in the ordinary things of everyday life. Certainly in the UK we have so much to entertain and occupy us, so much stuff, many of us have lost the ability to find pleasure in what is all around us every day. So, maybe enjoying the sounds and sight of a train chugging down the track is a bit sad but eh, I’m happy.


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