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June 8, 2013 / viewsfromasmallisland

The grim reaper, (well it is if you are a frog)

Grass Snake r

Just as I was wondering what to do with all these frogs along comes nature to restore the natural balance.  This grass snake appeared in the pond recently, obviously attracted by the ready food supply.  Quite scarce nowadays, as we give wildlife less and less room to live.  I was quite excited by the visitor but then again I’m not a frog.



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  1. Gallivanta / Jun 8 2013 10:42 pm

    Yes, a fascinating sight for you!

    • viewsfromasmallisland / Jun 8 2013 10:56 pm

      Fabulous to see. It calls by, the pond empties and when it’s gone everything comes back.

  2. behindthemaskofabuse / Jun 18 2013 5:43 pm

    I love snakes! I actually have a big pet snake 🙂

    • viewsfromasmallisland / Jun 18 2013 7:58 pm

      Snakes often get a bad press and they may not be fluffy and cute but they have their place in the scheme of things. They also have a beauty too.

      • behindthemaskofabuse / Jun 18 2013 11:29 pm

        Yes, my snake for me is like a therapy dog for some. She’s amazing

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