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October 8, 2013 / viewsfromasmallisland

Fruits of autumn

blackberries 2

It’s a record year for wild fruits here in the UK. Apparently we are all busy making jam and preserves and the like. Great news for me as my expertise lies in the tasting part of the process. I’ve already enjoyed my first serving of blackberry and apple crumble. Simply food to die for. It promises to be a fabulous harvest. Some compensation for the dark nights ahead.



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  1. Jim in IA / Oct 8 2013 10:48 pm

    Looking plump and tasty. Is there an app for that?

  2. tanguerabeth / Oct 9 2013 1:18 am

    I like this photo. The berries seem so willing to be picked and eaten. 🙂

  3. Gallivanta / Oct 9 2013 4:13 am

    Totally delicious. Any news on the cider making front? Or perhaps some blackberry wine?

    • viewsfromasmallisland / Oct 9 2013 11:10 am

      The blackberries are destined for the crumble I think. As for the cider, I’m having trouble with the equipment and shelf-life. It’s making lovely apple juice though.

      • Gallivanta / Oct 9 2013 11:36 am

        Ah well, that’s sounds good too.

  4. davezart / Oct 9 2013 10:01 am

    Oh Yum. When I was growing up, we lived on a couple of acres. On one side was a wild Blackberry bush ( Is there any other kind). We would happily share the blackberries with the birds, snakes, rodents and small marsupials, as long as they all left us some. All 4 of us boys were filled with the berries, and we took a bucket load into mum to make jams and pies.
    What great memories you have invoked for me, thanks.

    • viewsfromasmallisland / Oct 9 2013 11:12 am

      Thank you, that sounds great. I think blackberries provide so much for the local wildlife, especially the smaller creatures. A fabulous bush really.

  5. navery101 / Oct 9 2013 5:42 pm


  6. rubytheblacklabrador / Oct 11 2013 11:09 am

    Just made some mulberry jam here. My parents are visiting from the uk and their allotment berries are heaving with fruit:)

    • viewsfromasmallisland / Oct 11 2013 11:19 am

      Yes, it’s been a fabulous year for fruit. We’ve had something resembling a summer this year.

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